An Uncomfortable Truth

This post transported me back to the early days after moving to this town. When it was all new and foreign and different. We wanted out. We were not going to have children here, not going to buy a house here, definitely not going to send the kids to school here. Twelve years later here we are. Still here. The town has changed in some ways; it’s a little prettier, has sprawled and is more crowded. There are signs of community at Click for more

Testing, testing…

According to the Via Me online survey my strengths are love of learning, judgment, prudence, teamwork and fairness. The Strong Life Test for Women tells me my lead role is that of caretaker with an open heart, a chance of being consumed by others feelings and that I should be on or leading a team. My supporting role is teacher, with faith in others, who should be paid to facilitate the success of others. The Primary Colors assessment meanwhile tells me Click for more


Sisters are on my mind lately. Initially the real thing, busy with work and hopefully with pleasure soon, I follow her journeys with a bird’s eye view, imagining the new city streets she sees, the small coffee shops, the sprawling conferences. I tick off a list of cities I have ‘seen’, saving them for longer visits in the future or discarding them as not worth the effort. There are the new sisters I have gained, many through shared interests, most Click for more


A few weeks ago I had a problem. It should have been simple – there were only two solutions. All I had to do was choose. But I couldn’t, no matter how hard I thought about the problem both solutions looked bad. It was a rock or a hard place, the frying pan or the fire. I was spending far too much time obsessing and getting nothing done. Then the Handyman provided a flash of inspiration. ‘There is no wrong Click for more

Subordinate passion

I’ve been taking a creative break lately. Unlike Rose’s holiday break this has been a business one. Yet I have to admit I have been more productive in the last month than in a long time. I’ve set up this blog, set up Skaian Gates English and overseen changes to house and garden too. I’ve entered a new phase in my hybrid life as my business will lead me back to my scientific roots.  And combined with the increase in Click for more