All the Fun of the Circus

While asking questions and trying to figure out my “thing” a trip to the circus illustrated a few points about it. The circus to a child is magical and wondrous but to an adult it’s often bittersweet. Our eyes are often on the action outside of the ring, while a child will focus only on the performer. The child is amazed by the clown’s antics, the adult knows the clown is also the trapeze artist and the juggler. So what Click for more

Testing, testing…

According to the Via Me online survey my strengths are love of learning, judgment, prudence, teamwork and fairness. The Strong Life Test for Women tells me my lead role is that of caretaker with an open heart, a chance of being consumed by others feelings and that I should be on or leading a team. My supporting role is teacher, with faith in others, who should be paid to facilitate the success of others. The Primary Colors assessment meanwhile tells me Click for more


Sisters are on my mind lately. Initially the real thing, busy with work and hopefully with pleasure soon, I follow her journeys with a bird’s eye view, imagining the new city streets she sees, the small coffee shops, the sprawling conferences. I tick off a list of cities I have ‘seen’, saving them for longer visits in the future or discarding them as not worth the effort. There are the new sisters I have gained, many through shared interests, most Click for more

Out of the Doldrums

I really didn’t think it would affect me much. The work would be done outside the house for the most part, I’d be able to sit inside, write, work, clean and of course make the builder-required cups of tea. The Handyman would be around to oversee the work, so I’d be free to continue as usual. I was naive. First there was the pre-work arrangements, involving trips to various workshops, grotty stores and building suppliers. There would be idle chat Click for more

Working Wife

A recent post on expat+HAREM has got me thinking about being at home and what it means to me. I never had any desire to be a housewife, in fact as a teenager I went so far as to reject the idea of marriage and family, a sure case of baby going out with the bathwater. A lot had to do with my mother, from whom I felt a lot of mixed signals about her life at home with the Click for more