Global Friends

A few months ago I participated in a six-week workshop called SUM-it UP run by Global Niche. I’ve known Anastasia and Tara, founders of Global Niche, for many years. We have something in common as wives who followed Turkish men home.

The course itself looked deceptively simple. Six weeks of working through visions and goals, to what online platforms you want to present these on, to creating and action plan and implementing it. Easy. But somewhere along the line it got complicated. I was forced to admit exactly what it is that I want. I had to be completely honest with myself and admit that I may have been my own greatest enemy in terms of moving forward with what I want to achieve.

This wasn’t a solitary journey though. There was plenty of like-minded company, a wonderful group of international artists, writers, and creators. Lillian Connelly was one of these. A writer, mother, painter who lives in a dome in New Mexico. She creates a wonderful range of bright and uplifting paintings and collages that would put a smile on anyone’s face. And she writes with such wonderful honesty you can’t help but love her blog.

She very kindly asked me to write in her “A Fish out of Water” series. I was following Sandra’s (another SUM-it Up’er) wonderful piece about finding her home in Gozo. I wrote about how my interest in Troy, fostered in my grandparent’s front room, helped me settle here. You can read my piece here and then go read the rest of the blog, it’ll draw you in I promise!

WoodenHorse (1024x677)