Homage to Hybridity

When I read the Week 9 post it immediately brought to mind my wonderful hybrid sisters. They deserve to be named: Anastasia Ashman, Tara Lutman Ağaçayak, Rose Deniz, Sezin Koehler, Judith van Praag, Elmira Bayrasli, Catherine Salter Bayar and Jocelyn Eikenburg.

These are women consistently remind me that being myself is ok, in fact, that it is terrific. Our backgrounds are varied, our locations global, what unites us is a belief in ourselves and an acceptance of our hybrid nature.

What do I mean by hybrid?

Most of us have experience of living in several cultures, some of us have married into a second culture, some of us are third culture kids. All of us acknowledge that this multiculturalism has uniquely shaped our worldview and given us a perspective that many don’t have.

How did we meet?

In gatherings of ones and twos. I’ve known Anastasia and Catherine since Tales from the Expat Harem, met Rose and Tara at a Tedx. Our gathering culminated in Dialogue 2010, a global conversation curated by Rose Deniz. Since then we’ve kept in contact, we’ve written blog rings about things that touched us. We renewed our conversation in January.

What’s in our future?

Our hybrid ambassador core group remains the same but like-minded people gather, so Anastasia Ashman and Tara Lutman Ağaçayak are building our very own home on the web, our Global Niche.

These women allow and encourage me to be myself, to be authentic in all I do. I am so very grateful to them for inspiring me every day.