Slow Learning

The children are out on their new bicycles at least once a day, rattling along on their training wheels. The Brown-eyed Girl has mastered the u-turn at the end of the road but Little Boy Blue sits and waits to be pushed around the turn.  Neither are ready to be left alone where cars may turn into our cul-de-sac at any moment. So I’ve walked the road more times than in the four years previous, chatting to the newly-arrived summer neighbours, admiring the sunsets and watching progress on the new house at the end of the road.

The Brown-eyed Girl has been reading, slowly, deliberately. While the skills are there, I can see the desire has not caught up. She hasn’t learned that there are worlds she can discover on her own when her reading improves. Her imagination hasn’t been unlocked yet. But with the help of a website she may well find her way.

And I am learning to cope with it all. Again. Another summer of children to mind and engage and entertain. Another summer of trying to find time to fit in some blogging and writing. Another summer of fitting it all in and keeping afloat.

So far the results of my learning are not impressive…