Still Learning

Vişne (sour cherries)

A few weeks ago Tara at Turquoise Poppy wrote about things she’s learned since coming to Turkey. As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I’ve made my own list.

– Living within walking distance of a beach in a hot climate is a terrific and wonderful thing.

– Communication doesn’t require language

– But language is very important to me.

– Cooking a meal from scratch from whatever is in the kitchen is a skill everyone should have (the art is in making said meal taste great!)

– Children require more thoughtful care/diplomatic skills/peacekeeping than babies.

– Marriage is the start of a relationship.

– Little girls like pink, no matter how much you discourage them.

– Trees grow slowly, especially if planted when very young saplings.

– Home-grown vegetables do taste better.

– Someone has always been there before, though they may be forgotten by history.

– Connections made through the internet are as real and important as friends in the same physical space.

What have you learned lately?

  • taraagacayak

    Here's another thing to ponder Catherine, do you think we would have learned these same lessons had we never moved to Turkey?

  • rosedeniz

    I've learned to not be attached to the highs and lows – as time goes on, I sometimes forget I'm an expat, then something happens and I realized I'm clueless about how to respond to something. Both on a personal and external level, less attachment has taught me that the wheel will continue turning, no matter what.

  • A lovely post, Catherine, and thank you for reminding us to consider our progress along the path, Tara.

    I'd have a VERY long list! But the big ones:

    – that adage “the older I get the less I know” is true – and that it's okay;
    – to seek balance, while knowing that the lows teach me just as much (if not more) than the highs;
    – to share a love and work partnership is the most challenging 'job' I've ever had, yet the most fulfilling;
    – that I'm happiest when living within sight of large bodies of water;
    – living in an ancient place is more invigorating than in a modern one;
    – that I need the stimulation of multiple cultures, whether I'm traveling or meeting travelers.

    And yes, Tara, I'd be a less developed person if I had not moved here, or at least away from California.

  • Wise words, ladies, thank you for commenting.

    Tara I doubt I'd have learned much of it. The alternative path is certainly not more inviting.

    Rose I know that sinking feeling of 'did I mess up' only to realise I couldn't possibly have known what was appropriate. I need a bit less attachment to the idea that I should be perfect.

    Catherine it's great to see that list. It's such a perfect picture of you!

  • No matter what happens in Turkey. Life changes and goes on. Don’t dwell over the past. The future is always brighter