Writing and Translation

Expat Sofra – Culinary Tales of Foreign Women in Turkey (edited by Katherine Belliel and Francesca Rosa): Afternoon Tea Alfa Yayinlari (Turkey) 2019 (Link ships to Turkey)

Also available in Turkish: Expat Sofra – Türkiye’de Yaşayan Yabancı Kadınların Mutfak Hikâyeleri (Yazarlar Katherine Belliel, Francesca Rosa Çevirmen: İrem Kutluk) Çay Partisindeki Sürpriz Alfa Yayinlari (2019)

Expat Sofra – Culinary Tales of Foreign Women in Turkey blog: ‘Black Sea Sofra by Contributor Catherine Yigit‘ 7 July 2019

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative: ‘Best Seller For a New Age – ‘MADONNA IN A FUR COAT’ by Sabahattin Ali 26 August 2017

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative: ‘A Documentary Novel: “The Entrusted Trousseau – Peoples of the Exchange” by Kemal Yalçin’ 18 August 2017

Tables of Istanbul: ‘In sickness and in health’ 27 June 2016

The Irish Times: ‘I miss Ireland but the things I miss most are long gone’ 27th January 2015 – Generation Emigration ‘Ireland and Me’
Also available in an e-book of entries to the competition, Irish Times ‘Ireland and Me: reflections by emigrants’ 17 March 2015

Trinity Journal of Literary Translation/JOLT: Translation – Turkish Style 3rd April 2013 – Article on the translations for Translation Day.

It’s a Dome Life: A Fish Out Of Water: Catherine Yiğit Living In Turkey 12th February 2013

AltKitap: Yansımalar/Art of Echo – Young Translators Prize Selection January 2013 – Free e-book including my translations of three prose pieces “Saman Kokusu” by İnci Aral; “Prensi Olmayan Masal Kitabı” by Fatih Erdoğan and “70 Model Aşklar” by Can Dündar.

Foods of Turkey: Turkish For A Day: The Food Factory 23rd January 2011

The Irish Times: Irish Christmases abroad 29th December 2010

The Mercury Brief: From Çanakkale, thoughts about family create an invitation to a global community 2nd August 2010

expat+HAREM: Death at a distance 28th July 2010

expat+HAREM: Downdrafts and uplifts 14th April 2010

expat+HAREM: Dialogue 2010


expat+HAREM: Sweet but sticky 23rd January 2010

expat+HAREM: Same river, never twice 14th December 2009

expat+HAREM: It takes a virtual village 16th November 2009

Kingdom of the Expat Wives Detective Agency: Rear Window – Turkish Style 25th October 2008 (Published in three installments on a website that was since deleted)

Turkish Daily News (now Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review): Gold Fever in Turkey 27th October 2007

Skaian Gates: Archive on Blogspot 8th November 2007-17th March 2010

Today’s Zaman: Shopping Anywhere 24th February 2007 (Today’s Zaman website deleted after change in ownership)

Tales from the Expat Harem – Foreign Women in Modern Turkey (edited by Anastasia M. Ashman and Jennifer Eaton Gökmen): The Food Factory Seal Press (US) 2006, Doğan Kitap (Turkey) 2005