I’m Catherine Yiğit, a writer who lives in northwestern Turkey near the mythical city of Troy. I was born, bred and buttered in Dublin, Ireland and having circumnavigated the globe I arrived in Turkey in 2001.

The Skaian Gate is the south gate of Troy sometimes called the Dardanian Gate. It’s mentioned in the Iliad as being the gate from which Priam watched the Trojan War. Turns out that this area is full of the footprints of people who have crossed the Dardanelles. Some did it in style – Xerxes the Persian king built a bridge of boats, watching from a marble throne as it was constructed – some never crossed back – Alexander the Great never returned from his war against Persia – and some paid only a brief visit – Lord Byron, St Paul. Witnessing wars three thousand years apart Gallipolli and Troy are linked by an array of hidden footprints…

The Skaian Gate by Catherine Yiğit

I’ve set up a language editing business Skaian Gates English, primarily editing the English of academic papers and articles. I previously blogged on Blogger and that blog remains as an archive.

I had the good fortune to become involved with ‘Tales from the Expat Harem – Foreign Women in Modern Turkey’ edited by Anastasia M. Ashman and Jennifer Eaton Gökmen.  This collaboration continues as a serial poster on expat+HAREM, the neo-cultural hub for culturati. You can read some of my writing here.

DSCN1906In November 2012 I attended Translation Day after being chosen as one of the top 10 prose translators in a competition run by the British Council Turkey. I participated in a workshop with Maureen Freely and attended panel discussions  with Güven Turan, Clifford Endres, Amy Spangler and Murat Belge. You can read about my experience of that wonderful day here.

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