We wait…


We have three 19 litre bottles under the stairs,

Another 8 litres inside the house.

Drinking water is delivered.

Wipes can be used for grubby hands and faces,

The kettles are all full.

We can cope till the water returns.


We wait…


Our heating is an enclosed fireplace, logs stacked since June.

The hob works with gas, the spare canister’s full.

Torches and radios are tested and working,

Phones are charged and spare batteries stockpiled,

Tea lights and candles are plenty.

We can cope till the electricity connects.


We wait…


Our mobiles can connect to the GSM network,

Television gives us subjective news.

No blogs, no Twitter, no Facebook,

No Skype, no forums, no international calls.

Boredom increases the tedium of waiting,

Concentration is gone down the tubes.

We can’t cope till the phone line is fixed.

Spot the birdie!