All the Fun of the Circus

While asking questions and trying to figure out my “thing” a trip to the circus illustrated a few points about it. The circus to a child is magical and wondrous but to an adult it’s often bittersweet. Our eyes are often on the action outside of the ring, while a child will focus only on the performer. The child is amazed by the clown’s antics, the adult knows the clown is also the trapeze artist and the juggler.

So what did I learn about my thing:
1 – Multi-tasking is important

I may know that writing is my passion, but in order to succeed at it I need to be able to research with focus and precision, I need to be able to write (of course), I need to be able to edit, and to take criticism. I may also need to work to earn money to indulge my passion, which could be in a completely different field. In short the ability to switch between tasks with ease is necessary, just as the tightrope walker can follow his passion on the wire, but also play the clown and jump to the top of the pyramid of acrobats too.

2 – Teamwork

Nothing happens without support, whether technical or moral. Being able to ask for and accept help is one of the things I need to work on. My moral support group is strong between family and friends (you know who you are, sisters!). These people are the backstage crew who know the inner workings, help to push out the ‘Wheel of Death’ and pull on the safety rope while you fly up on the trapeze.

3 – The ring

This is the important thing, passion thrives best when it’s appreciated. This could be as low key as a sincere thank you for a job well done, or as global as a writer’s platform. Being able to find your audience and stand proud in the ring is the heart of the circus and the heart of our passion too.