The Tree

I’m not sure if I’ve found my true reflection in the world yet, but I can definitely say it isn’t a tree. The image of the tree that is you, with each ring a layer of your story is wonderful and uplifting but it is too fixed for me. My story is portable.

My roots are shallow. I left my homeland for another and though settled where I am now, I really can’t say what the future will bring. Our family could uproot at any time and settle elsewhere. We would take everything of value in our hearts and minds.

So what would my reflection be?

The wind perhaps. A very apt idea for the place I currently live. It’s ephemeral and yet powerful. It’s everywhere, it can erode, transport and deposit. It shifts water and sand and can even in the right circumstances grind rocks to dust.

Is it a reflection of me or a metaphor for how I feel at times; buffeted, uplifted, bowed?

Week 3 of A Year With Myself

What I am not...