Being a perfectionist

Being the procrastinator that I am, I also like to think of myself as a perfectionist. The logic is simple – I expect to do a terrific job, spend a tremendous amount to time waiting for the optimum moment when the stars collide and inspiration hits with a physical force. That never quite happens. Instead I wait and collect and gather and wait some more and generally at the very limit of my deadline I get the words out.

This works well enough for short articles and blog pieces but it doesn’t work with book-length works, as I discovered to my cost on my last (unfinished) project.

The Brown-eyed Girl played at the beach, picking up stones and putting them in water in her bucket. Then she walked thigh-deep into the water and gently dropped every ‘fish’ back into the sea.

Each fish sank, rigid, stiff, unyielding.

I hereby give myself permission not to do a perfect job. I just have to jump right in. I have to be flexible, adaptable, buoyant.

Here’s to swimming, not sinking…