A few weeks ago I had a problem. It should have been simple – there were only two solutions. All I had to do was choose.

But I couldn’t, no matter how hard I thought about the problem both solutions looked bad. It was a rock or a hard place, the frying pan or the fire. I was spending far too much time obsessing and getting nothing done.

Then the Handyman provided a flash of inspiration.

‘There is no wrong solution.’

Well, I thought, the man’s a genius (though of course I knew this already). But that little flip, from no right solution to no wrong one, was enough to clear my head and allow me to make the necessary decision.

Perspective has been on my mind again in the last week as I listened back to the Dialogue2010 podcast. Reading the transcript didn’t provide the same depth, but listening back to our individual voices reminded me that the level of communication we achieved in that hour is astonishing, considering most of us have never met.  Every single perspective on a shared experience differed and opened my mind a little more.

Well done to Rose and Anastasia. I’m looking forward to the next conversation!