Subordinate passion

Ready to spring to life

I’ve been taking a creative break lately. Unlike Rose’s holiday break this has been a business one.

Yet I have to admit I have been more productive in the last month than in a long time. I’ve set up this blog, set up Skaian Gates English and overseen changes to house and garden too.

I’ve entered a new phase in my hybrid life as my business will lead me back to my scientific roots.  And combined with the increase in productivity since leaving creativity aside, it has me asking hard questions.

Perhaps being creative is not my natural state?

Was all the effort I put into my last stand-still project wasted?

Have I been pushing in the wrong direction?

Just as these questions come, so to does the muse, admittedly not with fiction but with an idea for non-fiction.  And then there’s the self-publishing success of a friend that leaves me green with envy. And the pang whenever I read of a young novelist breaking through. The passion is still there, though dormant.

It grows, waiting to bloom.